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About Prêt-à-Cuisine
Prêt-à-Cuisine Ltd is a concierge-service company that serves main motto:
To obtain this aim we help aviation companies in service trainings for all departments, in getting best catering around the world, in making aircraft look gorgeous.
We can fulfill almost any wish. Almost - because not everything has been invented.
For 11 years, Anna Aksentieva, general manager, has been passionate about achieving better results in service that brings success to your business!
Why choose us?
We are happy to give you best from our service which is based on serious experience.
3 rd year of work
We proved ourselves like high professionals working with as small companies as with honored brands.
Individual approach
Every company has its conception and motto. We work to develop unique result.
We grow for the future
Highly skilled professionals will help your business to grow on par with new trends.
Our services
You get more clients and higher profit after you:
Order Service Consulting of your airline
Check and analysis of current situation in your company.
Get real offers to place your company on higher level.
Order trainings from best professionals in every field to make it happen.

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Make your aircraft cabin look gorgeous!
Order AX!ANNA line of products for private aircraft - we design and produce products ourselves.
Order other manufacturers' products.
We work directly with them, hence our prices are lower than some retail prices.
We can find you almost anything.
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Order better catering for your flights
Get exclusive catering from Michelin-starred restaurants in Europe - special menus for business jets.
Get great catering from best restaurants in CIS and Russia - same prices as in the restaurant.
Save your time and company resources, paying us only service fee.
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What will you get?
Everyday we work hard to make life of our clients better and happier
Objective analysis of your company service
Real offers to overcome your company pitfalls
You get more clients = more money
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