Food Control Crisis in a Private Jet
FAT TOM rules;
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As an instructor I have heard a LOT of disgusting stories.

A corporate CA does not use lav during flight. There is only one lav on a private jet, and she prefers not to use it. So, she is going pee-pee in a bottle and pours it out in the sink in the galley.
Once her pax got sick. And it happens so that it was that time when they used catering services from my company. I was really worried and I could not understand what could possibly go wrong?! Until I learnt the truth about the CA who was serving food. By the way, some raw seafood. Ughhhh….

Of course, the environment is really dangerous in that galley.

Here are some tips from my practice and trainings for conscious VIP cabin attendants.

A great mnemonic device to memorize all basics is FAT TOM.
I have drawn a nice plaque for you, my dear ladies.

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Thanks to Grace Rolheiser, who sent me this question.
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